About Us

The name CynthiaMarie was created in 2012. Initially, it once represented a line of handmade aprons, tea towels and other kitchenware made by my daughter (she started in 2017) and me. Those items were sold at local markets, craft fairs and with friends and family from all over. For us, it felt good watching customers find their perfect styled apron and their functionalities. 

Now, for the first time the name extends far beyond aprons!  but to include a variety of apparel, fashionable jewelry and fine jewelry! 
It has always been a passion to create various looks that inspire people to feel good and look great! Everyone wants to feel and look good without being concerned about their size.   
So, when you think of CynthiaMarie Boutique, it is a hope that you will think of you looking and feeling your best, unique and stylish you!